5 Outstanding Smartphones that You should buy in 2018

It is said that it is a jungle out there especially in the smartphone market so the task of looking for the right phone for you might be a tad overwhelming for those who are not technically savvy. If you are one, then one of the best ways to find what you are looking for is to understand the different products on the market. You can do that by reading reviews. But this might turn out to be a bit challenging since there are so many conflicting reviews. You can make it more convenient on your end by just reading this article. This will give you an objective out view of the different units. Here are the most popular smartphones on the market right now:

1. Apple iPhone X

5 Outstanding Smartphones Apple iPhone X

To celebrate Apple’s one decade of being in the business, they have launched the iPhone X. When there was news of this, people could not wait to get their hand on it even if the resale price of such unit is almost one grand. The bigger question is whether or not you should immediately buy one.

Setting aside all of these, you might be wondering why people were waiting for this. Then you must know its specifications. This unit has been considered as one of the unique designs. It has been designed with a 5.8 -inch screen. But this might be a bit tricky to use as it does not have a home button like the conventional smartphones. If you are now having second thoughts about buying one, then you ought to know that this feature has been added to the Apple iPhone X because it will greatly rely on facial recognition for the owner to use it.

This has been considered as quite reliable than the current ones in the market that uses an iris scanner. To top it all off, you can charge this wirelessly with the use of a compatible wireless charging device.

2. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

5 Outstanding Smartphones Apple iPhone 8 Plus
You may have mistaken this new Apple iPhone for its predecessor, which is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The bigger question is it worth the money to upgrade your iPhone 7 Plus with an iPhone 8 Plus. Before making any hasty decisions, one has to understand its technical specifications so that you will make a well-informed choice.

Most people who already have one would say that it is way cooler than the iPhone 7 Plus because the iPhone 8 Plus was designed to have a better processor, LCD display as well as the camera. This was also created for the music lover. Although it was not created with the 3.5mm headphone jack, you can share your playlist with its excellent sound performance.
For the budget conscious shopper, you would not be disappointed that it is way cheaper than the Apple iPhone X. You would be pleasantly surprised to know that it has higher storage capacity compared to its predecessor since it is no longer offered in the 32GB model. It immediately jumps to the 64 GB and 256 GB options, which was something that you had to pay extra for the iPhone 7 Plus.

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 3. OnePlus 5T

5 Outstanding Smartphones OnePlus 5T
If you have set a specific budget for your gadget, then it will do you good to explore this option. You can already purchase this smartphone for only $499. You will later learn that it is not such a bad investment at all. It has the same security feature that other more expensive brands have, which is the face unlock option. But the creators of this smartphone did not just settle for that. They have added the fingerprint sensor. But it is something that the user has to ask for especially if they are using Android Pay.

4. Sony Xperia XZ2

There were people who said that Sony could no longer come back from its hibernation. But Sony has proven its naysayers wrong. Talk about design, Sony Xperia XZ2 has been created to fit snugly in your hand. It allows the graceful flow of color and light whenever the sunlight hits it. Such characteristic makes it uniquely sexy compared to its counterparts. Besides that, the creators have moved their cameras a bit lower so the user won’t have a problem of finding wandering thumbs in their group pictures.

Now, that is something to seriously consider. If you are still not impressed with these specifications, then you must know that it has a 4GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which would allow you to switch from your online game to another app without any hitch.

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 5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

This is the last but not the least smartphone on this list. No one can ever write a tech review without including Samsung. Although it does not yet have the Android 8 Oreo, it can still command attention. It has been equipped with the Snapdragon 845. But if you are having doubts about buying one because of the battery fiasco in recent years, then you can sleep soundly knowing that Samsung has thoroughly tested this model to avoid making the same mistakes of its infamous predecessor. They have designed this to give its fans the best out of the Galaxy Note 7 as well the S7 and S8 Plus. To top it all off, it is water resistant.
This article has covered what most people look for when they are in the mood for buying a new smartphone. From price to security specifications, understanding the different characteristics of the new smartphone would allow the consumer to make a well-informed decision that they will not regret in the future. Before going to the nearest tech store, you have to make a thorough research of everything that you want to know about a specific smartphone that has caught your attention.
Such knowledge will help you answer the question whether or not it is wise to upgrade your current phone to a new model. You should also ask yourself whether the cost of the new phone is worth it. Can it cater to your technical needs? How about its aesthetic design? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can now splurge.

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