Andorid Phone of the Year in ‘Best Big Smartphone’ Category

So there were tons of smartphones that have come out in 2018 from January till December now.  And all these phones have different strengths, different weaknesses, different goals, different designs, different things, they do well and not as well. They’re all similar in some ways but they’re all different.  So naturally, at the end of the year, we got to break it all down and reward the very best of them. 

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There will be a bunch of categories and for each category, there will be an overall winner, and then there will be if there is a worthy one a second place sort of a runner-up. If there are some more good stuff, there’s an honorable mention. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best Big Smartphone of the Year 

Nowadays, most smartphones are already pretty big, right?  They’ve gotten bigger over time.  All these phones in 2018 are way bigger than the phones from 2015, but this award goes to the one that takes the best advantage of all that extra space that makes the most use of being big both with hardware and software.

And the winner for Best Big Smartphone of 2018 goes to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – and this one’s honestly a no-brainer.  If you’ve got to have a big phone, note 9 has absolutely one of the best big phone feature sets you can possibly get. It’s the absolute best display in any phone, a 6 inch AMOLED, and a huge body holds a 4000 milliamp-hour battery, it keeps the headphone jack, it has expandable storage, it has dual cameras, there’s no notch, and it has room for a stylus that doubles as a remote control, but it’s not just about having big hardware.  We’re really wanted that the note has all this software that takes advantage of it all the S Pen features, the multi-window support.  This phone is a power user’s default. It’s the big phone of the year.  No doubt!

Runner up

And then, the runner-up for Best Big Smartphone of the Year is gonna go to Huawei Mate 20 Pro.  This was the last phone I reviewed this year – kind of snuck in at the buzzer but they killed it. It’s not quite as big as the Note 9 but it still has a 6.4-inch AMOLED, it has a four thousand two hundred million power battery and it has triple cameras instead of the usual one or two all at different focal lengths.  There’s no pen which is actually fine for most people but there’s also no headphone jack and it does have a notch but still, this is one of the most complete big phones of the year both in hardware features and software

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