Award Winning Smartphone of the Year in the ‘Best Camera’ Category

For some people like me having a great camera is super important.  In a smartphone, if you take a lot of photos and videos it’s just encouraging to know that you’ll be able to capture the moment in as high of a quality as possible.  I happen to like, to take a lot of photos on my smartphone, so this is a category that been spent a lot of time on analyzing.

Smartphone of the Year With Best Camera

It’s come out crystal clear this is probably no surprise if you’ve come across of different ratings. Be amount of software magic Google’s done with this one is nothing short of amazing.  There were, of course, plenty of other good phone cameras this year. But Google’s hdr+ and Software Magic Plus NiteSite and all the incredible shots I’ve gotten with it put it clear and far ahead as the favorite camera ever in any smartphone. 

Runner up

best camera smartphone runner-up

It’s so good! In second place though we have a camera that does slightly lesser photos. But that I’d say does much better video and audio and that is the iPhone Xs.  

iPhones have been sort of the king of video and smartphones for a little while now and the 2018 iPhone is no exception to that rule. If you’re trying to do a lot of video on your smartphone you should get the iPhone.  We gonna give an honorable mention for cameras to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro for an excellent use of three cameras. Obviously with three unique different focal lengths. I really like the super wide angle camera especially for a lot of things.  Now, of course LG and others also did the whole triple camera thing. But this one happens to be the best quality of those three cameras.

‘Best Small Smartphone’ of the Year Winner and Runner Up

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