‘Best Small Smartphone’ of the Year Winner and Runner Up

Small smartphones are kind of a rare breed nowadays.  All throughout everyone’s lineup phones have just gotten bigger across the board. But you can still do great things in compact packages, not as compact as phones used to be a couple years ago but still, there are some great small phones out there.  Also, by the way, I think this is the closest contested category.  Some really good ones there. But the winner for Best Small Smartphone in 2018, it’s gonna go to iPhone Xs.

Best Small Smartphone of the Year

small smartphone of the year

iPhone XS got a 5.8-inch display. Like I said not a super small phone but to win this award you have to do everything in the small phone that the big phone does, and iPhone Xs truly does pretty much everything.  The iPhone Xs Max does just with a smaller display and smaller battery. There’s basically no other drawbacks.  Obviously, it’s one of the fastest chips with that a 12, it has the same dual cameras as the bigger phone, same ram, and you know what you’re getting with iOS.  There’s not many people out there regretting buying this phone.  By the way, I’m gonna leave my list of all the reviews of the phones I talked about down below so spoiler alert that’s kind of like a winners section but that will be below.

 Anyway, a very close second place or runner-up – Best Compact Smartphone of 2018 is going to go to the Pixel 3 with 5.5 inch display.  

Dest Small Smartphone of the Year Runner-up

So it’s even smaller and some might even say the Pixel 3 is an even more appealing buy than the bigger brother at the Pixel 3 XL.  The only thing you’re losing out on here is you have a smaller display and a smaller battery but you even keep the stereo front-facing speakers and the dual front-facing cameras. And then, runner-up right behind that is gonna go to Samsung Galaxy S9 back to a 5.8 inch display and this thing has a lot going for it already, great design we all love that already,  3000 milliamp hour battery.  The only points you got a dock for it are having one less camera than a Galaxy S9 Plus and for having a little bit less ram but as of you noticing those things are both pretty small.

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