What are the Most Common Documents that are Stolen?

What a question, who says thieves, should not steal? Off course they must. Because stealing is their calling, they view stealing as an act of being smart, intelligent, been superior to other humans. There are some vital documents or common documents that a thief must have in their wish list, common documents that they cannot do without. These documents are not only valuable but contain vital information.

The following points contain the most common documents that can get stolen. This is the most valuable documents that a thief yearn to have at whatever cost or means for the sole aim of the financial rewards that precedes these documents. These common documents can be of two dimensions, that are:

  • Physical Documents
  • Online Documents
Physical Documents:

Physical documents imply files documents that are physical. They can easily be carried out, it is visible and it always associated with individuals, properties, groups or entities. These offline documents are predominately stolen by criminals, crooks, and thieves within our society for their selfish goals.

The following offline documents are very attractive to thieves. They are often stolen due to the economic importance these documents commands:

Land Document:

This is an essential document that proves a person, individual or groups legal ownership over a particular piece of land. as well as land documents involve information, physical evidence concerning the possession of landed properties. Thieves place a higher priority on this land documents due to the economic power landed properties command in our society. The global interest of landed documents is alarming because individuals wish and desire to own a  land someday, the land itself appreciate. It is a long-term investment, hence criminals see it has a core document that should be theft for a high yield returns without delays.

Property documents:

It involves the legal document for property acquisition, property document can also be referred to as house deed or property sale’s deed. This presents the legal evidence of the property owner. It also entails deed of transfer of ownership of property. Without this document, you cannot claim ownership of such property. And this document is of top importance to criminals selfish control over the property.

To Avoid the Documents from Being Theft

Besides the dangers of stolen documents, replacing them is often a hassle. So how can we avoid that? Always remember to lock all the important documents in a safe, and remember the lock code. While it might be prudent to save soft copies of physical documents, you might want to secure them with complex passwords. Do not write down any passwords anywhere – memorize them, period. You might not be able to stop the crime, but you sure can do all it takes to prevent them.

common documents that are stolen


Online Documents:

This can also be “Virtual document” it implies electronic document, in form of writing, text, graphics spreadsheets. Or media contents generated by software and stored on disks. Or media such as CDs, DVDs as well as electronic mail.

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The following online documents are the major target for cybercriminals such as Your Online bank account information’s, Credit cards details Email accounts/password, Business files, Business contracts, Business logo Business information. Access to these virtual documents is very paramount to cyber thieves, once the hackers gain access to your online documents, they compromise it, access confidential information and use it to their advantage, at the victim‘s detriment.

Conclusively, these points of the most common documents that can be theft by cyber thieves and crooks. They are beyond those above assertion. But these documents are the most valuable, and can easily get stolen on a daily bases due to usage and the importance people placed on it globally. Please, let’s are conscious of where will keep our documents in order to avert any form of thefts.


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