Interesting Facts to Know About Dash Mining Pools for Crypto Enthusiasts

Dash as a cryptocurrency has been through a few makeovers.  It first came on to the market as XCoin, was renamed Darkcoin and finally settled down and evolved into Dash.  Dash was built using the core Bitcoin code but with a different algorithm,  X11, one that supports the privacy-centric coin.

There are a bunch of guys understand cryptocurrencies and how they work, but many people do not understand what mining is.  Mining in the cryptocurrency world, one such as Dash, is the process used to find solutions to difficult cryptocurrency problems.  It is used as a method to secure blocks in a blockchain.  The reward in the mining process is new currency tokens for the miner.

If we take a look at the Dash Mining Pool, this too has evolved.  Initially, it was only possible to mine Dash using the GPU in a computer.  Today, to mine Dash, you need a lot more than a GPU. 

The most popular Dash miner is the Antminer D3, which was launched in 2017, an ASIC miner that mines the X11 algorithm.   The hashing power of the Antminer D3 is 17 GH per sec, and the power consumption is 900 watts.  It comes at a great price from Bitmain, less than what you would spend if you were to build your own GPU.

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Saying that, joining a dash mining pool is the way to go. When you pool your hashing power, you have an immediate crypto community and reliability, as well as consistency to generating Dash.  Pool mining may mean your rewards are a little bit smaller but they are most consistent.  There are various mining pools to look at and we would suggest you do your own research and read your own reviews before making decisions.  There are currently 18 Dash mining pools, so you do want to be sure to choose one of the better ones.

How to recognise a good Dash Mining Pool

Take a look at the fees

The lower the fee, the higher the payout is going to be for you. If the fees are too good to be true, you may not want to go there.  If they seem reasonable, and it is easy to do your research, they are probably a reliable and trustworthy mining pool.

Look where the pool servers are located

Again, this is pretty easy to find out.  You want a pool server that will enable you to maximise your hash power within the network.  Many of the better pools have servers in all countries, or at least, in a few countries.  You do not want a mining pool that is in Asia if you are in America.  If there are pools in both countries, even better.

Are there any highly recommended Dash Mining Pools

Remember, you have a choice of 18 dash mining pools and you can and should do your own research.  We know that Mining Pool Hub was started by people trading in and supporting Ethereum, and that Mining Pool Hub has grown consistently and reliably. They support close to three dozen other cryptocurrencies, not just Ethereum, including Dash. Mining Pool Hub has servers in North America, Europe, and Asia, a good indicator of a reliable mining pool.  Their fees are also low.

Supernova is also a highly recommended and well-used Dash mining pools.  They have close to 4 dozen different cryptocurrencies, have servers worldwide and have low fees, based on the proportional payment scheme. 

There are others.  Coinmine and viaBTC are both popular mining pools, and Antpool, as mentioned above, is super reliable.  The best thing would be to do your reading, research, chat to other cryptocurrency enthusiasts and choose a Dash mining pool that you feel comfortable with.

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