19 Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

Ilya Bonic, President of Mercer’s talent business, said “With volatile markets and stunted economic growth in many parts of the world, a keen eye on cost efficiency is essential, including a focus on expatriate remuneration packages. As organizations’ appetite to rapidly grow and scale globally continues, it is necessary to have accurate and transparent date to compensate fairly for all types of assignments, including short-term and local plus status.”

19. Jerusalem, Israel– Jerusalem being the most popular city in Israel. Tel Aviv ranks second after it and also the most expensive city in Middle Eastern City to live in. It offers awesome beach with calmness from the surrounding region.

18. Guangzhou, China- One of the many Chinese cities on the list. It is one of China’s biggest cities just across the border of Hongkong. It has unique characteristics that set it apart from its rival Beijing and Shanghai.


17. London- Everyone believes London is pricey to live the border. The list suggests it can be worse if the property many Chinese.

Victoria, Seychelles Isles

16. Victoria, Seychelles Isles- Only a few people have heard of this lace. It is a tranquil city to live in just off the coast of East Africa. The land is limited making the place expensive.

15. Seoul, South Korea- A metropolitan population of 25 million plus and increase in tourist visiting the city, finding an accommodation in Seoul can be a problem. Despite its expensive cost of living, it is one of the leading technology hubs in Asia, with internet connectivity being on the of world’s best.

14. Lagos, Nigeria- Twenty three million lives here.  Nigeria is home to two kinds of people, the general public and the top 1% who can afford to live in its expensive homes. Through the years, property and goods prices have increased.


13. Bern, Switzerland- Switzerland is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world despite having low taxesand salaries high. However, insurance, services, and food are expensive. It hasone of the highest qualities of life in the world.   

12. Shenzhen, China­- One of the lesser known cities in China apart from Beijing and Shanghai, it has over 10 million residents living in it.

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new york

11. New York City, USA- Living in USA, particularly in New York City can be very expensive. Just a tip for people in going here for holiday- brings lots and lots of cash.

10. Beijing, China- China’s capital Beijing is definitely part of the list and expects to pay $ 6 for a cup of coffee. 


09. N’Djamena, Chad- For expats planning to live here, average incomes are low with limited access to Western goods


08. Geneva, Switzerland- Geneva is the second most expensive Swiss City.

07. Shanghai, China- Shanghai along with other expensive cities in the list continues to drop in rankings brought by the weakening yuan against U.S. dollars.

06. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Congo- Another one among the list of expensive cities. Living in this troubled Democratic Republic can be a problem for expats.  Aside from its high cost of living, security is something to consider.

05. Tokyo, Japan- Japan’s capital jumped six places from last year thanks to a strengthening yen.


04. Singapore, Singapore- Singapore’s top ranking is reflective of regional trend, with the cost of living picking up across parts of Asia as their economies expand. The World Bank dubbed it as the easiest city to do business.

03. Zurich, Switzerland- Zurich is a global center for banking and financing. It is the most expensive city in Europe. Living here doesn’t come cheap.

02. Luanda, Angola- Africa’s one of the most expensive cities to live in. It has battled a long civil war which destroyed the country’s infrastructure. It recently gained independence recently and has continuously struggled to reestablish its position as a major exporter.


01. HongkongThe most expensive city to live in the world as an expat. Housing was one of the factors that madeHongkong to the top. It cost two to three times more to live in Hongkong than New York or London. It is one of the most visited cities in the world. Hongkong is part of China’s special administrative region (SAR).

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