5 Significant SEO Practices to Follow That Only Experts Does 2018

SEO practices (Search engine optimization), is a vastly heard and spread term these days. It’s a method that increases the visibility of a website and brings organic traffic through optimizing it in the search results. Organic search traffic is basically any unpaid traffic that comes from search engine result pages (SERPs).
Like we all know, SEO is constantly changing. Google algorithms, technology, user habits; if all these shifts even your strategies and schemes have to be shifted. Specifically, if you are not a full-time SEO expert.
If you are a small scale business person there are chances that you might get affected or disturbed by the frequency of changes that happen in the SEO industry. But you don’t have to worry because you are not alone in this. This is a challenge that many people face.

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Now that we know what SEO is, we shall now talk about 5 SEO secrets which only the experts know about.
If you follow these five professional and highly effective SEO strategies, you can surely make a difference by getting more traffic and also more sales.

1. Optimize Underperforming posts

Optimizing basically means rearranging or rewriting to improve the efficiency. Today, having a blog is just an expectation since many of us must have observed this over the time as you write and publish posts that not all the posts are hit. Some posts get good shares, link backs, mentions etc. whereas other posts may not. The posts that do not make it would almost seem as good as they don’t exist.
Here, the work of SEO experts is required. SEO experts will tell you these badly performing posts which represent potential that has been unused. So, go back and optimize your old posts instead of only focusing on publishing more posts. Everyone nowadays is aware of the fact that Google no longer looks for quantity so much as quality.
Hence, look out for those which had limited or marginal success and boost them. Add more relevant content, authority links, a video too maybe. And if you keep doing this constantly, you will realize that over the period of time, all your posts will begin to rank as powerful and recognized posts.
So, take a moment and consider reviewing your old content.

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2. Supercharge Your Guest Posts

guest post SEO
In SEO practices, Guest Posting is a method with the help of which you write an article for a website and get a backlink to your website/blog. So, guest posts serve an important service to your website by providing backlinks.
That is how Google knows how authoritative or powerful your website is. But there are chances of backlinks to get backfired. For example, if you are getting the links back to your site from one of the blacklisted websites or link farms, Google will charge you for getting links back from such websites. Hence, to avoid this you should always invest majorly in quality guest posts.
This means, go all out in the quality of content you create and where they are published. And if you feel you do not have the capacity to do this, use a service such as SEO guest posts where they help you in the creating the content for you and publish it to an authorized or recognized website.
SEO experts believe that the better the quality of your guest posts, the higher is the chance of you getting published and shared widely.

3. Transcribe Video Content

Like we all know, video has gradually risen and become one of the most powerful sources of marketing today. Hence, it has an importat role to play for SEO practices. The short videos are famous all over the web and most correctly they have been driving conversions like crazy. Just because website visitors today lack the time and patience to read the content of the pages, videos are for the rescue and fill in the gaps.
SEO experts take this step further. As of now, the google cannot crawl the video and you want to help the google have an easier job. Hence you transcribing your video will do this. Ultimately, you will have the combined power of the video with the crawl ability of the text information.
Looks like a clear win-win scenario to me. This will not only help with your SEO practices score but also add a layer of engagement to your content. Now, you can add links to your transcript to additional resources. Your visitors will also have the option to quote and share anything and everything that stands out for them from the transcript.

4. Get Link backs From Mentions

If you want to do SEO practices for your website and get relevant traffic, building backlinks is something you should be doing. The more backlinks your website has from recognized domains, the higher reputation you’ll have. Someone somewhere is talking about your business. So do an exact same search for your business.
Type your business name within quotes and begin to search. Per say if your jobs name is John’s Marbles, type in “John’s Marbles” (with the quotes). You will find all the mentions of your business name on google. Now notice something, that all the mentions are probably not linking back to your website.
Thus this counts as a lost opportunity to get quality backlinks ton your website hence you need to do is recover the link. So reach out to the authors of these mentions and ask them if they would consider turning the mention into a link. As most mentions will be by familiar people, chances are they will do this at no charge.
Recovering the link is a powerful way to build backlinks without the trouble of doing guest posts and looking for places to get published.
SEO practices

5. Infiltrate Relevant Communities

This expert tip, if it is done correctly, can bring a lot of link backs. This is how you do it. Look for a community online of people within the target market. You can just have a close approximation about it.
Then, join the community and start participating; become a part of it. Once you earn good reputation and respect, give your content from your website to the community. It could be the products or services or just content from your blog.
But just make sure that whatever you share is relevant because as you’re the part of the community now the other users will promote your content without thinking much about it. And if you do it effectively, you could have thousands of people promoting your content for free.

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SEO experts clearly know that when it comes to successful SEO practices, please do not focus on getting the content copied. Instead, focus on smart ways or tactics that have a multiplier effect on your effects. That will get you better results and with less efforts.
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