How to Use Landing Pages to Test New Business or Product Ideas

You have some interesting ideas to start a business and thinking of encountering your competitors through online presence by offering your products/services. And want to test the potential of your business/product ideas through landing pages. That’s what made you land into this article, right? You surely have a smart intent of taking your business to the online market.

In 2014, the overall online retail selling amount was $1.3 trillion. It will reach up to approximately $4.9 trillion by 2021 which will be around 17.5% of the overall global retail sale. So, the significance of the online presence of any business will keep increasing with time. That’s why we recommend don’t respond to any obstacle, stay focused and keep working hard for your brand to shout loudly all across the online market.   

It’s important to check the demand for the product or service you are going to sell before you finally set up your business. How people are thinking about the product/service you are offering, to what extent the demand of your product may remain the same or increase or even decrease, need to assess these things. This market assessment will allow you to have an initial idea of whether your product has enough potential buyers available on the online market and worth having a go with this or not. This article will help you to understand the concept of a landing page, test the idea of your business/products using a landing page and a brief guide on how you can go through the process.

Before we dig the matter deeper, keep one thing in mind as an entrepreneur. The E-commerce industry is not a small one. You will have a huge number of people to buy your product, a huge number of sellers as your competitor at the same time. So the entire process depends on stay patient, working hard then earning by learning a lot of things and implement them successfully.

Let’s move on to discuss how you can use landing pages to test your new business or product ideas.

Difference Between Landing page and Home Page

A lot of us carry a misconception between the home page and landing page. Some think that landing page and the home page are the same things. Whereas, home page and landing page are two different things. The home page is the root domain of your website that is considered the opening page of your site. It’s more of the main display of your business through your website. It covers the general aspects of your overall business. It can be static or updated with the latest posts/products. On the other hand, a Landing page is created with a certain purpose keeping a certain product or service. Suppose you have a new launching of any of your products and you promote your product through creating a specific landing page for that product. Or, there is an occasion coming up. You have a new bunch of ideas and offerings for that occasion. You create a specific landing page to promote your ideas/offerings through it. Unlike the homepage, each landing page will have a subdomain with it to identify them.

So, you are to test your business or product ideas and can do that by creating a landing page and use that landing page by promoting it. The response of your targeted folks will give you the forecast about the possible performance of your business or product.

Why Test New Business or Product?

Well, like an offline business, an online business too has a lot of steps to perform and a lot of money to invest. You have to build a website responsively for all kinds of people regardless of their age, location, devices, gender, caste, etc. Getting a good developer, designer, promoting the product and marketing the business, all these things requires a handy amount of bucks. Before you put your money into a stake, you would love to measure the possible risk factors and to know how your potential buyers will react to your business or product ideas. That’s the reason you will have to create a landing page and test your new business or product ideas before you spend tons of money and lose them due to the lack of real buyers. An initial idea of the response of the possible buyers will eliminate a little bit of uncertainty, right? 

Create a Landing Page

Creating a webpage these days is no more limited to programmer things. Almost anyone can build a decent looking webpage without having the knowledge of coding or without hiring a programmer. If you are good enough to use ‘Office Suite’ you can have the privilege to create a webpage/landing page with the least of the effort. Yes, you guessed it right, Wordpress. As a CMS, WordPress is such an easy-going option that creating webpage has become a bread and butter sort of thing.

With every single update, WordPress is making things even functional, attractive and effective. You will have plenty of resources available to create and manage a website in WordPress for absolutely free of cost.

You can choose a better-suited theme for your site from millions of themes. Tons of plugins for your website to run it smoothly. There is no option left where you don’t have any plugin for any specific function for your website in WordPress. The interesting things are, a bunch of digital service provider is coming up in the WordPress platform with all the solutions of your website-related problem in one place of WordPress. One such service provider is “Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode”. This really is an amazing option to try in WordPress. They have some outstanding services that you can adopt for your website to run it without looking anywhere else. You can have a large collection of themes. Tons of free images, complete and convenient digital marketing and many more.

Some key features of “Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode”-

  • Easy to access for the clients
  • Authentic SEO setup to drive high-quality organic traffic
  • Easy option of collecting e-mails from the client for better e-mail marketing
  • Free images of more than 1 million
  • More than 100 responsive themes
  • Fast and super easy to use
  • Auto responder and e-mail servicing
  • Design countdown
  • Social icons
  • Subscriber forms
  • Map
  • Video
  • Design logo
  • Very affordable price

To start things off, you can adopt the option of creating three different landing pages.

First Landing Page: Please bear in mind, you are creating this page in order to understand the interest of your potential buyers. Your main focus is to analyze the response of them. You don’t have your product/service ready to deliver instantly, but you will have to possess a vibe that you are ready with your product. All the clients need is to sign up and order the product. In this first landing page, make sure you mention the brand name of the product you are offering. The price, specification, and tagline, etc. Try to keep it simple yet attractive. Keep a CTA (Call to action) button that will lead the buyer to a page where it will be explained in more detail.

Second Landing Page: Give greater details of the product that you are about to sell. Tell all the available specifications of the product. If you are offering a digital service, let your client know how and exactly which service you are going to provide them with. Mention the approximate time frame to complete the task for your buyers etc. If you are offering any physical product, don’t forget to mention the color, size, different aspects of uses/functions of your product. Tell them about when and how it will be shipped to your client. 

Third Landing Page: This third and final landing page can be considered as a pre-launching page for your product. This page will provide your client with a short message describing why and how they should order this product. Open up all the possible options for your buyer to opt for and take them to the next step by signing up for your site. Ask for their mail address to send the details the specifications and features of your product.

You are done with your landing page. Now try to promote your landing page. Try to reach as many people as possible. At this point in your Business/product idea testing, you can spend a small amount on advertising your product to reach a large number of people. You can opt for options like Google AdWords, facebook, bing, Linkedin, etc to advertise your landing page and reach more people.

A/B Testing

This is an immensely important part of testing your business or product idea. A/B testing is like offering the same service/product in a different way. With a greater variation to check exactly which variation your buyers are prone to check.

For instance, you are selling a car. Create three different offers to your buyers for the same car but with three different colors, or three different models of the car from the same manufacturer. Now leave the rest to your buyers. Check which exact color or model are liking the most. Get ready with that particular color or model of the color.

In order to track all the metrics left by the buyers that which exact specification or which aspect of your product they are liking the most, you can use google analytics, unbounce, etc.

Some Key Points to Keep in Mind

  • Keep the location and time zone of your clients in mind
  • Build a customized Landing page for different Niche
  • Try different variations of the description of your product
  • Keep it simple and easy going for your buyers

To Conclude

Founding a business online and sell products is an art. Art of being patient, stay cool and calm, Focus on your work. From starting to shipment of the product is an entire process. To conduct this process there are plenty of steps. Plenty of aspects to consider. A lot of inter connected matters take in place while you go through the entire process. As mentioned earlier, this article covers the Testing of business or product ideas through landing pages just in brief. In order to know about this in more details, Check this out.

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