You Really Should Have a Look at These Hidden Features of New iphone

It will cost you around $999 for the new iPhone Xs. $749 for iPhone XR and the SX Max gonna take 1099 bucks least out from your pocket. As usual, there are few interesting new features like improved notifications, Memoji, new Siri suggestion been added with the latest version device of this popular brand. Since we all know about these revealed new features, let’s not discuss them in details. Here in this article, we’ll be checking out the hidden features of the new iOS 12 (iPhone Xs, XR, SX) that seriously could draw your attention.

Disabling the USB Accessories

USB ports are one of the most common ways to crack the passcode of your iPhone. In case your iOS 12 hasn’t been unlocked for past few hours, there’s a disabling option on for the lightning port. This disabling feature has been set enabled by Apple by default.
As for hidden feature, you can turn off this option by going to settingsFace ID & Passcode. Scroll down from there and turn the USB Accessories option on.

QR Code scanner shortcut in Control Center

Previously with the iOS 11, the QR code scanner used to be in the camera itself. With the iOS latest version, users have the privilege to get the QR code option in the control center as a shortcut menu. All you need to do is adding the shortcut. Following are the steps to do that.
Go to Settings>control center> customize control. Check the green button next to the Scan QR code.  


Vast Insight on Battery

Battery is such a crucial thing for any smartphone these days. Any smart user of a smartphone is always concerned about battery life, timing, charging. Well, Apple is aware of that and introduced a vast range of information about the battery of your iOS 12 device. New breakdowns, charts, graphs with different metrics is all there. Just go to the settings app, tap on battery and you’re there.

Improved ‘Do Not Disturb’ Option

All thus far, you had to turn on or off the ‘do not disturb’ option for your iOS device when you’re really up to something important. With the new feature for this DND, you can set the timer before hours for the ‘do not disturb’ tag to be in action for your Apple device.
Go to Control Center, long press the ‘do not disturb’ option to enjoy this new automated feature.

Alternative of Face ID

The Apple devices with Face ID option had a drawback of identifying the valid user while there are any artificial gesture appeared in the Face ID option. For instance, if there are any sunglass, hat or any other object visible in the user’s face, the Face ID option fails to work properly. Keep that in mind, Apple has introduced an alternate option for this issue.
Following are the steps to discover the new Face ID option-
Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Alternate appearance.
iOS 12 face id

Automatic Updating of Operating System

You won’t have to update your iOS 12 manually anymore. Go to Settings > General > Software Updates > Automatic updates in order to enable the auto-update of your OS.

Close App Gesture

If you are thinking of buying the new iPhone X or already have it, be known about the close app gesture of the device. You don’t need to bother anymore of switching to multitasking view, then long press the app card to close an app. Instead, just activate the multitasking, then swipe up on the app you want to close.

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