5 Expert Ways to Keep Your Windows 10 Safe and Secure in 2019

It is imperative for everyone to have an updated version of Windows in this era of advancement and technology. Many people have either upgraded their system to Windows 10 or bought a new upgraded model. Windows have been considered as the best operating system.
Be it student, service personnel, professionals or businessmen everyone wants to have the latest version of Windows on their system. Windows 10 is considered to be safer than Window 7 and Windows 8.
However, there are still some privacy and security concerns involved in using Windows 10. First of all, let’s learn about the security and privacy concerns associated with this widely popular operating system.
Various researches have been done to check the safety feature of Windows 10. It has been found that the systems with Windows10 have higher chances of getting hacked. One of the major reasons behind this is that Windows 10 run on both the cloud as well as desktop.

This means that when the Windows 10 cloud functionality is enabled on the system, the information on the device is shared with Microsoft and other users. This makes them more prone to the risk of getting hacked. Moreover, it enhances concern about safety and security of the information.

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Another issue is an increase in the advertisements in Windows 10 OS. Microsoft gets revenue from the advertising other brands. Past few years these advertisements have increased exponentially. Some users don’t get affected by these. Whereas, some users take these advertisements as a hindrance in their work.

Ways to fix these issues

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows from Microsoft. This can be run on desktop and online at the same time. These are considered to be the safest and more secure version among all the versions. However, there is still some room left for additional security.
To protect your privacy, you just have to make some changes in the Windows settings. Though this will limit Windows functioning, but it will make your device more safe and secure. It will also protect your privacy and will also help in restricting advertisement.
Below are some tips which will make your system safe and secure.

1. Be careful during Window 10 installation

The very first step at which you have to be careful is during the installation of Windows 10. Whether you have an old or a new device, you should carry a clean installation. Most of new computers already have Windows installed in them. You won’t be able to do much in such cases. You can carry out the clean installation by following any of these two options:
• Wiping of the system and reinstalling the Windows. By performing wiping of the system, all the junk files will be removed from your computer. Once the wiping is completed, you can reinstall Windows 10.
• In second option, bloatware has to be uninstalled manually. This option is very useful for those who don’t want to wipe out all the files and apps from the computer. In this case, you have to be careful to not to leave any junk file or app behind.
A clean install will give you the assurance that all the unwanted apps have been removed from your system. This will not only increase the speed of your system but will also make it more secure.

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2. Do not connect Windows with any ID

After removing all the junk apps, you are ready to use Windows on your device. Another small step which will keep your system safe and secure is to not to connect Windows with your Microsoft account. Microsoft always gives you an option to log in. You can log in either by your Microsoft account or a local account.
Signing with Microsoft account will help you in syncing your desktop with any other device. With positives come negatives. In case your Microsoft account gets hacked than someone can easily get access to your computer. The better option is to login via a local account. You can create a local account during the time of installation of Windows.

3. Customize security settings

In order to protect your privacy, you can customize security settings as per your choice. You can enable or disable any security feature as per your needs. Making changes in security settings has become quite easy with the availability of New Permission System.
In order to change security settings, you have to disable Express Settings. This should be done at the time of set up. Once done, the system will allow you to personalize security settings as per your needs. Some of the other features for which you can make changes under privacy settings include:
• Microphone
• Camera
• Speech and typing
• Messages
• Calendar
• Location
• Contacts
Another major feature in which you can make changes is Cortana. It is Microsoft’s voice assistant. In case you don’t need this feature you can disable it. The pop up for this will come at the time of setting of the Windows.

4. Disable location tracking

Most of the apps ask for permission to use the location. To ensure your privacy it is always better to turn off this request. Another feature which will increase your safety and security is disabling Get-to -know.
You should have a good knowledge of Windows 10 privacy settings. This will help us to prevent Microsoft to access your private data. This will also prevent Microsoft from using your location for advertising.
Steps to turn off advertisement:
• Go to the Privacy Settings
• Click on General
• Click on “Let app use my advertising ID”
• Turn it off.

5. Secure your Windows 10

Below are given some measures which will further enhance safety and security of your data and information.
• Privacy browser extension: Downloading of such extensions helps in protecting your privacy.
• Antivirus: virus is the worst enemy of your system. Installing a good antivirus will save your system from these viruses.
• Use of VPN: A Virtual Private Network encrypts the browser traffic. This helps in protecting your privacy.
With Windows 10, you need to download an antivirus. Windows 10 does not have a preinstalled antimalware. You should always be careful while using internet in public places. Using a secure mode of Wi-Fi connection is always advisable.
Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows. This version has some incredible functions. However, this version has some serious security concerns. These can be taken care of by following above tips. You can also protect your system by following basic security procedures.
This includes:
• Having a screen password
• Not to share your password with anyone
A little effort from your side can help you save your privacy.

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