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The Cryptech Privacy Policy

Our policy at cyrptech.com is to respect the privacy concerns of all our users on all of our internet sites.

When you visit our sites we do garner information from your visit.  Please read further to see what information we garner and how this information could be used.

Your Information

Our overall policy is not to take any personal or identifiable information.  We will never take your name, place of abode or contact numbers when you visit crypytech.com.  We may take some non-personal information such as the browser you are using, the operating systems and your IP address.  We do this to ensure you have the best possible online experience.  We do not do it for CyrpTech’s personal gain or use.

Some of your nonpersonal information, as above, may be used so that content and advertising is direct at you, in a custom-made manner, according to your interest.

There may be times when CrypyTech discloses user information if required for legal action against anyone causing injury, interference or disruption with CrypyTech’s intellectual property and rights, or if there is any disruption to any of CrypTech’s users. If someone is harmed by your activities online, we have the rights to use your personal information.

Your Security

Your privacy is the most important thing to us and we have put in the best security measures at cryptech.com to ensure your personal information is protected and secured.  While we will protect your information to the best of our ability, it is important to remember that there may be security breaches that are not within our control.  No information on the internet is 100% secure, and while we do our best to achieve 100% security, we cannot ensure the security of information you send us online.  Once we have your information, we will do our best to ensure 100% security within our systems.


Please accept our Cookies to ensure that CrypyTech works to its maximum ability. Cookies are those pieces of information a website transfers to an individual’s computer hard drive for record-keeping. Cookies track visitors to our site and personalize the site for both new and old users. Your browser may be set up to accept cookies, or to disable cookies.  If you have disabled your cookies setting, or if you do not accept our Cookies, please note your experience may not be as satisfactory as it could be.

The Use of an IP Address

Any time you go on the internet an IP Address is assigned to your computer.  This is done by your Internet provider. This means that when you ask for pages from CrypTech, the www.crypytech.com servers log your IP address.  This is for system administration, to report aggregate information to advertisers, and to audit those of CrypTech. If necessary, and only in extreme situations, we may use your IP address to identify you, to ensure compliance with our terms and conditions and to protect www.crypytech.com, our sites, our service, and our customers.

Third Party Site Links

At CrypyTech, we are not responsible for the practices, behavior or content of any third party sites that may be linked to us. Some of the CyrpTech sites link to websites that have no connection to us.  We take no responsibility for their privacy practices.  It is in your interest to look at each website’s privacy policy to ensure your information is secure.

Third Party Cookies

We do allow third-party advertisers and they may place a unique cookie on to your browser.  This is called a third-party cookie and it is done in the course of allowing advertising on our Cryptech sites.  Some of the advertising companies may use your aggregated information – nothing personal – so they can provide you with adverts that are custom designed and of interest to you. Your name, address, and contact number are always secure.

You do have choices and you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative or Self-Regulatory Program to learn more about online advertising.

It is also in your interest to know that Google AdSense and Media.Net, both third-party vendors, use cookies to send ads on our websites. Both make use of DART cookies, which enable them to send ads to Cryptech users, based on users visits to our sites and linked site.  As a user, you are entitled to opt out of DART cookies and you can do this by taking a look at the privacy policies of both Google and Media.net.

Contact CyrpTech

Please read through our privacy policies carefully.  If you have any questions about our practices, please contact us here, or send us an email, so we can respond to you.  Your email address is s safe with us and we aim to ensure your safety at all times.

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Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions

By using Cyrptech.com and its sites, you are in essence agreeing with our terms and conditions.  If you have any problems or do not agree with our privacy policy, it is humbly recommended to ignore CrypyTech.

We ask you to review our policy from time to time as we at CrypyTech reserve the right to change, alter or update our privacy policy. By continuing to use www.crypytech.com you are indicating acceptance of our terms, conditions and any changes to our terms and conditions.

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